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Updated: Jul 2

The Bakke Coffee Museum will be out and about Seattle this summer serving free, delicious coffee while highlighting some unique electric cars. Here are some of the times and places you can find us...

Hope to see you out there! For questions, please email us at

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Updated: Feb 8

Daymond Jordan was extraordinary. Here at the Bakke Coffee Museum he was our very own espresso machine super-hero. He knew his machines inside and out, but also had other super powers which were just as important. He had the most genuine smile, radiated joy and love, and was passionate about the mission of the Bakke Museum to share both the history and pleasure of coffee to everyone who passed through the door.


Daymond was born here in Seattle on August 14, 1960. He grew up in the restaurant scene, brought up by a mother who was a successful businesswoman and talented cook. Jocelyn Owens had several venues featuring Cajun, Creole and southern flavors, in which Daymond was deeply involved. It was through that small world that he first encountered Kent Bakke in Kent’s early years of importing espresso machines from Italy. One of Daymond’s favorite stories to tell was how Kent told him to take a La Marzocco Linea completely apart, fix it, and then put it completely back together. After the machine was laid out in pieces all over the floor, Kent said, "Well I’ve got to run an errand", leaving Daymond to solve the puzzle by himself. Daymond succeeded at the task, becoming the founding espresso tech for Starbucks, a job which took him all over the country as it rapidly expanded and opened new branches.


After years running the tech department at Starbucks, Daymond went to work for himself, first in California, and then back to Seattle where he raised his family. Through his repair company, Old School Espresso, Daymond met almost everyone in the coffee world, winning friends all along the way with his skill, enthusiasm and infectious humor.


After recovering from heart trouble that eventually led to a transplant, Daymond dedicated himself to repairing and refurbishing machines for Kent at the Bakke Coffee Museum. He was almost always at his workbench, meeting the challenge of bringing old machines back to life. After a long, hard battle for his health, Daymond departed this world on February 3rd, 2024. We will always be missing his strong spirit, wisdom, and excellent taste in music.

If you would like to honor Daymond's memory, his family requests that donations be made to the University of Washington Medical Center Heart Institute, to support others in need of intensive heart treatment.

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The grey skies were a bit of a shock after so much endless Seattle summer sunshine, but no problem, because we had coffee! Lots of coffee and cool electric cars.

Saturday August 5th was the first Electric Cars & Coffee event hosted by the Bakke Coffee Museum. Cars and coffee together is nothing new, but the purpose of this event was to highlight the potential of electric cars, both practical and otherwise! In addition to several cars in the Bakke Collection, we were happy to host many members of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, who brought a variety of EVs to show off. Some of the highlights were a converted Ford 250 truck (with a dump bed!) and a converted BMW Z3. Most importantly, there was a lot of knowledge to share, and we are so happy that so many people stopped by to participate.

Huge thanks to the La Marzocco Home team and Caffe Vita for providing excellent espresso and lattes for everyone who came out to the electric cars and coffee event. Because of their generous attitudes and energy we were able to offer free coffee to everyone who stopped by.

If you missed the event but are curious to learn more about electric cars, please check out the SEVA website! If you want to visit the Coffee Museum, please schedule an appointment to come see us! And keep checking our website for upcoming events, more electric cars and coffee to come!

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